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Ideas for Men costumes

Wondering what to wear for next Halloween? Don’t want any more to dress up as the same old and boring Dracula, ghost or grim reaper? Want to do something different? The good news is that there are many unique ideas that you may want to choose from. Here are a few costume ideas for men that will make not just make you look different but would also make you stand out from the crowd.

If you are an ardent movie fan and would prefer to dress up as a famous movie character, you would agree that when it comes to movie themed costumes for men, one is spoilt for choice. The most popular choice is and has been Beetlejuice outfit. You may want to dress yourself up in the black & white striped jacket 8 trousers, a real scary mask and the trademark spiky white wig. You are certainly going to cause a stir dressed up in this costume.

Or you may also consider dressing yourself up as a blackjack dealer; this one is much appreciated costume but at the same time unique. You would need black pants, black vest, a white shirt along with a black bow tie, and not to forget – a name tag. Now carry a deck of cards and you are ready to storm the Halloween party.

Yet another unique idea is to dress up as a Zombie doctor.  To dress up like one you would need a white lab coat and some doctor scrubs. Throw some red colour here and there on your garments to imitate blood and if you feel really gross, get some fake flesh and attach it here and there on your garment. And last but not the least, have a stethoscope hanging around your neck.

Men Costumes

When it comes to planning a costume for children and women, it usually is a breeze. However, deciding a costume for men is really hard. If you are also wondering what costume to wear for next Halloween, then you are in luck. We have some great ideas for you.

The very first thing you would need to do is to decide which particular look you are aiming for. You want to look funny or scary or a movie character? Once you have decided on that, then rest is piece of a cake. Here are some good ideas to consider for next Halloween.

If you like scary look, then a headless man costume would be an excellent idea. It is both scary as well as cool. Both boys and men have total fun dressed up in headless costume and as far as other people in the party are concerned, they would be doing double takes with it.

Don’t like scary costumes? Then you can go for costumes that are a bit tamer. You may not like scary costumes but you may not mind riding into danger zone. A good idea of such costume is Top Guns Flight suit. With this costume you are going to turn every women’s head.

If you prefer movies character, then you have endless choices. However, choose for a famous but yet not so commonplace costume. Some good ideas are Avatar, Darth Varder, Batman etc.

So do a bit of research, make up your mind and have your costume ready well in advance as later you may not be left with so many choices. As it goes,  a stitch in time saves nine. Happy Halloween!

Accessorizing Your Costume

Accessorizing Mens Costumes can give you lots of laughs. There are so many accessories to complete endless looks. Wigs are great ways to change the look of a man and add to the character they want to betray. You can choose bald wigs, wigs with long straight hair or those with tight curls. You can add lots of flash to their costumes with faux gold jewelry such as chains, necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings. There are bowties and neckties of many different styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. Weapons are often great accessories for many of the mens costumes. Some choose gothic weapons such as swords and knives while others may want machine guns and pistols.

Measuring for Your Costume

Measuring for any of the great men costumes out there is so simple, even a guy can do it! All you need is a fabric measuring tape and a few minutes of your time. Start out by measuring the widest points of your chest and hips. Whichever points are the biggest, that’s where you want to measure for the ultimate in comfort in your costume. Next, measure your waistline at its natural waist. Chances are good that you already know your waist and inseam measurements, which are both handy for buying the right size costume. If not, take your favorite pants that are the right length, and measure from the center seam on the crotch, down the inner leg to the hem at the bottom: that is the inseam. Compare all of your measurements to the measurements for the size costume you want to buy. Do they match up? Good, you’ve found your size.

While deciding on a particular costume, you will first have to decide if you are going in for a scary and spooky look or a movie or cartoon character look. These days, there are a wide and varied range of men costumes to choose from. The black and white stripes beetlejuice outfit, a blackjack dealer costume, or a zombie doctor costume are extremely popular. Headless man costume, Top Gun flight suit, Avatar, Batman costumes and the like are extremely popular among men and boys. While you can put together your own men costumes, you can find very authentic looking movie character men costumes to make you stand apart in a Halloween party or any other event.

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